Monday, June 08, 2009

Dear have been pretty sweet the last few days.....

I have not felt 100% and you keep giving me hugs and kisses....saying you hope I feel better soon.

The other night all you did at bedtime was come up to me and say "KNEECAPS".....and that was my hint you wanted to have a sleepover as your knees were hurting you really badly again. I thought it was cute you only saying "Mom....KNEECAPS!"

Yesterday after giving you a bath and you getting dressed...I talked about how you are old enough to remember to do many of these things all on your own without me prompting you each and every day....each time they need done.

You came out to the office and told me "Mom, I have 2 things to say. First I just brushed my hair for the first time in years!" which I about busted out laughing. Just the way you said matter-of-fact....and it is so true! IT HAS been YEARS since you brushed your hair. Your hair though is normally short enough it does not require brushing.

You said you just wanted to see what it FELT like.

I forget now what the second revelation was.

Today is more rest for me. I feel very lazy when I do nothing for the entire weekend.

I love you very much Noah! We missed going to a family reunion on Sunday because I still did not feel well...but when I asked you what you would miss about it the said checking out the bathrooms and swinging. SO I told you I can take you to the park where the reunion was held anytime to do those 2 things. You then added of course to play with Audrey or Wesley if they were at the reunion...which I found out they were. You also wanted to go to uncle Sonny's again soon.

Love you but I am going to lay back down for now....



Patty said...

Noah you are something else. That was cute, haven't brushed your hair in years. Yes, Wesley and Audrey were both there, but Audrey mostly set around with the grown ups, she did play with Elliott for a little while. Wesley brought his bike and rode it around a lot. He's getting very tall. They played a couple of games of Bingo, and then Wesley went off again on his bike. That was nice that you let Mommy rest to get rid of her head ache. Love you to the moon and back.

Betsy said...

Hope you both feel better very soon....knee caps and all! :)