Friday, April 28, 2006

they turned our offer down on the house

So...I am so tired of looking and trying to make this work just now in our lives. I am getting the distinct clear message perhaps I need to just wait. more house hunting for us now. I will instead try to find a house to rent. I had no idea when moving back to OHIO finding a house to buy that fit our needs AND price range would be so extremely difficult. Seems a lot has been extremely difficult. SO much many things so trying. I don't want to sound like a chronic complainer but!

I still need to find Noah and I a place to live.
I am still filling out papers for the county aid and the SSI stuff.
I now have to hire another attorney to help with the dissolutionment crap as I paid out 900.00 to the first attorney for nothing. I am now in the process of filing a grievance with the Bar Association (MORE paperwork).
I am still trying to do my job at least part time.
I am trying to home school Noah when I can...even if just in bits and pieces for now.
I am trying to make some big changes in my own life.

NOT enough hours in the day for all this.

Noah has done pretty well most days. BUT then there are times he does not listen much at all. Like tonight. He had been sitting quietly downstairs with grandma watching EMERIL on the cooking channel on cable. I heard grandma yelling at him to stop something or she would call for me. I happened to come downstairs to wash out my coffee pot...and heard all this. Noah was crying NO....and she was threatening him. I finally walked in and Noah got upset that I snuck up on him. I asked grandma what he was doing and she acted like she did not know what to say. In reality it is this simple. Noah is a bit on the HIGH ENERGY side most days and nights. He is so socially starved when he gets company and can visit with grandma he loves it. Problem is...grandma is in her 80s and a bit fragile and cannot handle a 60 pound boy jumping into her lap on her legs.....trying to scare her to wake her up....pushing into her backside as she walks along...etc.

He is so loving her....wanting to be with her all the time...

Right now he is obssessed again with real estate. YES you heard me correctly. REAL estate! He loves to read about houses.....look online for houses for houss on his PC.....anything to do with houses. When company comes over or he is around me or grandma or anyone who is willing to listen..he talks tirelessly nonstop about houses....the square footage of a many rooms....price....location.....on and on and on.....NONSTOP. It CAN be exhausting and I have to constantly remind him to give grandma a break!

He gets upset when I make him give her a break. He wants to take his doodle pad downstairs and draw her house plans and show her. OR get his real estate book and check the listings and review them out loud to her. YES...he CAN read the ads very very well and knows all the real estate LINGO! MY realtor gets a huge kick out of how much he KNOWS! he can now even TYPE the ads...all has been extremely helpful with his speech, reading and writing!

ANYWAY....I am sure grandma is tired. AND I know she cannot handle Noah...but idle threats like Noah's daddy has always given out to him do no good. ONE does much better to explain to Noah quietly how jumping on someone's lap can hurt them and make them cry. IGNORE it a bit...(though I know grandma cannot ignore that).

it is a bit sad to me. he is so wanting to love on people...HUGS socially wanting to connect. SO difficult to find the right mix and body type who can handle his energy and incessant talking and loving hugs!

SO I have to play the bad guy and make him come back upstairs with me...stay upstairs with me. The rule is when I AM UP HE IS I do not know what he is doing downstairs and grandma has no control over him.

stress.....I think I know what that is on a first name basis.

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog and found it very interesting, as I am a 2nd grade teacher. That's so awesome that he can read real estate ads! It might drive you crazy, but I would encourage that. Reading is reading, and if that's what he's interested in, go for it!

On another note, buying a house can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time and in this crazy market. It'll all work out when the time is right.

Keep fighting the good fight. You sound like a really good mom who is very in touch with her child. :)