Monday, June 26, 2017

Dear have officially graduated high school!!

Like when did that happen?? SO hard to believe that you are old enough to be driving and finished with high school AND have 10 college credit hours already completed towards your associates degree in business management!

We had a nice small family get together at CiCi's Pizza to celebrate you graduating......per your request as you LOVE CiCi's Pizza. I think you ate almost an entire pizza by yourself!

You have qualified for grants to go to college so you are already registered for fall and winter courses. You will be going to school full time. You are also considering getting a job.........and I am very proud of  you and all your accomplishments in life so far. You have certainly come a long way!

Here are a couple pics from your graduation party.

I love you Noah!

You got a nice leather journal and pen/pencil set as part of your gift from Uncle Chris and Aunt Rita who could not make it up for your graduation.

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