Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dear Noah....a gorgeous Saturday and A&W Root Beer

 We had a nice visit from grandma C and uncle Mike Saturday morning....after they left we got some lunch and took it to the park to eat. It was a gorgeous day weather-wise. Nice and sunny...only about 71 degrees outside. We then decided to drive to Union City, Indiana and go get a root beer at the A&W Root Beer stand.

LOVELY day for a drive. You love their root beer. I tried to get you to

smile..but as you can see you nearly spit it out as you took a big swig and then I said SMILE right afterwards. ANYWAY...we enjoyed the day. Next up was railfanning...watching a couple of long trains that came through Union City and then you taking pics of RR crossings. Back home and a nice evening there too.

I love you my little mustache man.


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