Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Noah.....visit with grandma C.....and puffy clouds...

Just a quick  update. We had a nice visit with grandma C. on Sunday. SO MANY beautiful clouds on the drive home..they were gorgeous. Once back home..the sun was out but some clouds were all around us...lots of blue sky though..and I heard this sound and thought the wind had  picked up. Here it was RAIN! It was pouring down rain and the SUN WAS SHINING the entire time it rained! There must have been a rain cloud over our house...never saw any around us but wow did it rain! We saw a rainbow over the neighbor's house across the street and you really were excited to see it rain when it was SUNNY outside as you really have not ever seen that before. I can probably count only on 1 hand the number of times I have seen this  happen in my lifetime and I have never seen it rain so hard in the sunshine as it did on Sunday. Anyway...here are a couple of pics. I love ya!


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