Saturday, April 06, 2013

Dear Noah...trying to decide about your high school years....

and what to do ...whether to stick with online virtual school or go back to doing it on our own. You are currently enrolled and have been since about 4th grade in an online public charter school...and now are already almost complete with your 8th grade, as well as 2 high school courses during this year that you will also get credit for...Math and English.

The high school courses and curriculum change CONSIDERABLY, however, and a lot of the "flexibility factor" we need and loved about this particular online school  is pretty much gone in high school. Needless to say we have a lot to think about and decisions to make.

Meanwhile you have really enjoyed your new laptop and meeting and making NEW friends from around the world who also enjoy playing similar games you do. You are using Skype to hook up with them and talk...and I have to say you have become quite the social  butterfly....

Otherwise, winter seems about over and we are heading into spring. You plan on helping me mow this summer. I hope we can manage it okay.

I love you...cannot believe you are growing up so fast.



Patty said...

I would think the way he's doing his schooling now, would be the best way. Saves you having to try to keep up with teaching him on your own.

I'm sure once he finds out how much fun it is to mow, he'll enjoy it. Especially with the mower that runs on a battery.

You two have a great week-end. Love you both.

Melinda said...

well but I DO teach him now mom.....I am the one who does it all. The only thing different is I would be picking his curriculum and making his schedule based on our personal needs and time needs...etc. instead of having to following more strict guidelines from the school, which is changing based on state/government laws changing. I do the teaching and all the other stuff though. Before I was the one who had to also make the schedules and pick the curriculum..etc. I chose the online way for this time because with working full time from home and everything was 1 less thing to have to worry about....and in case I could not afford to buy materials for school..etc. BUT most materials are free now anyway....there are many ways around that. So...we have to think about things.