Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dear Noah....your school supplies are rolling in!

I cannot believe July is almost half over and it seems we only started it! All the Christmas in July events are taking place this weekend and next week and weekend. Your school supplies have been coming in via UPS...and I know before we realize will be starting back up again for us! WOW...I am a bit shocked and apprehensive. I always have things I want to accomplish during the summer while you are out of school and I am off from teaching you...but so far have not yet even really begun those projects. I am not physically all that agile lately so the process would be slow to begin with...and I am hoping and praying I can get the major things I always want to accomplish actually FINISHED this year before schoolwork resumes.

I also wanted to work on special projects with you over the summer...teach you some things I never have time to during the regular school year..but you are all about being stuck in your room planted in front of your PC lately till all hours...playing Mine Craft or watching old videos of The Price is Right and Supermarket Sweep! Sometimes you forget to eat...take breaks..etc. So I am still trying to get a handle on that and control it a bit better.

Meanwhile we stopped up at the local Hallmark yesterday for the Keepsake Ornament Premiere. That is a family tradition and we enjoyed it.

We seem to be in a rain for a long time..lots of sun..and no rain in sight.

I should have put up a pool for you this year..maybe that would get you outside moving around more.

Regardless I love you. You said you are happier at Christmastime than other times of the year....and you are looking forward to the tree going up this year..etc.

More later..

I love you lots!


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kristi said...

We actually got a little rain yesterday!