Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear are now nearsighteded....and have Christopher Robbin's legs... are the same age I was when I became nearsighted...and now you have glasses. You actually like them and we all think you look handsome in them. Even your dad liked them!
Meanwhile...back when you got new gym shoes picked out some black ones...and it always reminded me...(when you wore shorts and the white socks)..of Christopher Robbin's legs from Winnie the Pooh...
so now each time you walk by..I hear a snippet of the Winnie the Pooh song play in my head but I substitute "Christopher Robbin legs"....and we laugh...I told you I loved you and your legs and their in-between stage right now...not quite young adult...not quite the child anymore...but still reminding me of Christopher Robbin. I am going to devote an entire spread in a photo album of you and your legs...and put in a tiny recorder with me singing that snippet of the song and my word substitutes! I love you...even if I tease you sometimes...but you know that! Mom XOXOXOX

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