Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear still have a unique way to sit on chairs to eat

you sit perched like a bird. I remember when you were always sat on the toilet like this...and to this sit like this to eat whenever you seems difficult for you to sit and eat fully least here at home. You have to sit perched or stand up. Sitting perched in your room in front of your always stretch out your T-shirt to fit OVER your perched many of your shirts have holes ripped under the armpits now....we will have to buy larger sizes to avoid that if you keep sitting like this and stretching the shirts out over your legs.

You are growing up fast...getting tall and skinny! Very lean....your mustache is showing up more all the time...and you are officially taller than I am now I think. Last night you slept on the loveseat since I was on the sofa...and when I looked over this were on your back but had your legs up around your chest crossed over in Indian style do that a lot. Not sure how you can sleep like that..but you do.

This is how you were sleeping if you imagine you lying on your back and eyes shut..but in this position with your legs up on your chest!

Here you were also reading..

See that T-shirt stretched out over your legs?

I love you....more later!



kristi said...

Cutie pie!

Patty said...

Don't forget to post a photo of his new hair cut. Love you Noah, Grandma