Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dear Noah.....

things are going pretty well.....we are plugging along with school although it is a little stressful sometimes with the demands ....this year there is a lot of essay writing and even if you type or have someone write for you....that entire process is just completely overwhelming and daunting...and many times I think we are spending a lot of time on things that you do not really need in the future...and I am not having some time to teach you things I want to teach you. SO I need to sit down and rework my ideas of curriculum into the online school's ideas and see if I can make an acceptable mix.

I have not made an entry here in awhile because things are going well otherwise. I cannot believe it will be March soon. Won't be long and you will be on another summer break from school...and approaching 13. I cannot believe that either!

Remember I always love you....


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Patty said...

Maybe I need to write something every day. Grandpa does. But my writing is do bad, perhaps what I need to do is keep it on the computer and type it, then after a year run it off and save it, if it's something worth while. LOL Grandma doesn't lead a very exciting life, so I don't have a lot to say. Love you