Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Noah.......stress

I cannot believe it has been this long in between posts. BUT it has. We have had a lot going on around here lately and there will be more to come. Needless to say this has created a bit of stress periodically in the house. Sometimes we both handle it well and sometimes not as well as we'd like.

You are going pretty well ...but do have your moments. A couple of times when you got frustated trying to tell me got very upset and turned pretty red, and put your thumb in your mouth and bit down..hard enough to almost cut through the skin. You were also shaking at this time. AFTERwards we talked about you handled that particular you could handle it perhaps better the next time round...and the unfortunate consequences of biting down on one's own body parts when angry. I sort of doubt you will do that again. I am thankful you did not come at me when you were angry.

Anyway....we have some loose teeth to get out of your mouth or the dentist will want to do SURGERY putting you under sedation to remove them. I am all for trying to do this ourselves and having you again avoid any surgery and sedation. SO we are working on the teeth.

You are really into Tom and Jerry right now.

Christmas was good and you handled your dentist and cardiology appointments well.

You have enjoyed your Wii so far.

I love you....I am hoping and praying I can keep this job or get an even better one and make your life as stress free and loving as possible.



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Sending my love to both of you.