Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear have been very emotional lately....

I forgot that this time of year can be really hard on you. There are so many things going on and you get so excited.

We went to get you Domino's Pizza the other night to last you over the holidays and we noticed they have changed their pizza crust, sauce and cheese topping. One pizza was made the old way.....1 was made the new way. I am not sure if this is a new pizza from here on out or if they can still make them the old way. BUT yesterday morning you told me you were crying the night before after I tucked you in...and when I asked "why" you told me because you were afraid this was the way Domino's was going to make all of their pizzas from here on out and you did not care for the garlic crust and the red pepper spicier sauce as both burned your tongue and throat. Oh I do hope and pray this is a temp thing or I can still order one the old way. You cried about it again yesterday while I tried to convince you that trying a pizza from another pizza place might be a good thing for you to try again one day soon! We have a Papa Johns in town AND a Pizza Hut and I reminded you that you used to eat and love both at one time in the past.

You also want a sleep over with your cousin Audrey so badly right now.

You have been thinking a lot about your dad and some of the problems he had a few years back. You had a bad dream about him the other night too. Almost every little thing makes you want to cry...I mean real tears where you are very upset.

You DO snap back out of it quicker which is improvement, but I feel badly for you. Hopefully you will be fine once we get these holidays on the road!

Yesterday I washed all the sheets, and blankets, and afghans in the house and decided we needed to move some of your stuffed animals OFF your bed as they were taking up over HALF of the bed and it looked too cluttered. THIS

is how we rearranged them and I also have stuck some on your bookshelves which you cannot see in this photo. This is much easier and more doable for impromptu sleep overs for greater ease with getting IN the bed without it taking 30-45 minutes prep time removing all the plushies!

Anyway.....we need to send your letter off to Santa today.

I love you so very much Noah.



kristi said...

We opened gifts with my sister Saturday and TC was very over emotional the rest of the evening.
Hugs to you and Noah.

Betsy said...

Hope the holidays are wonderful and the emotions calm down! And..I hope he tries another pizza place and love it. That would be a wonderful gift for both of you! :)

Osh said...

Holidays are emotional for a lot of people...and sometimes not having the right pizza can make all the difference.

I really like your room, Noah. I hope you and your mom have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas.

Patty said...

Goodness you have so many stuffed toys. Can you find a spot to lay down yourself? Your room looks very nice. Hope the pizza was just for people to try it. You'll have to ask them, I would think they wouldn't change all of it to a garlic crust, since some people don't like it that way. Have a good evening. We'll be seeing you in a few days. Love you sweetie.

Anonymous said...

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