Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dear Noah:

Well Noah you are amazing. We looked at homes last week and you got cramps and had to poop in the potty at Arbys like 3 times in a row. THEN you got more cramps at a model home and had to BOMB their bathroom many times...finally having an accident and then vomiting. Needless to say that ended our adventures with house hunting that day.

This past Saturday we went to Loveland's annual sculpture show. We were all a bit disappointed this year as they just did not seem to have many pieces that WOWed us. However..you were enthralled with the Port-a-Potties all over the place. I think you had to mark each one...as it seemed you had to go endlessly that day. ALL we heard about the entire time there and on the way home and at home and that night before you fell asleep and even SINCE has been how much you LOVE port-a-potties! I am so thankful you PEED in them as that was the only way to pee anywhere.

You love looking for homes so much I got you a CD-rom with model homes on it. Then I went a step further and bought you a software package where you can design your own homes and even landscapes and you have had a FIELD day with that! I wonder what this might mean about your future? I mean you can navigate around that program probably even better than me and definitely better than your daddy! You were building houses and designing rooms within minutes! You call it the "house game".

Today you said when you were 8 you would like to get a dog. I asked you where you thought we would be living in order for you to have a dog. You said OHIO..in the house right beside grandma Lincoln. AND SMILED that gorgeous smile of yours.

You called grandma today to tell her about the port-a-potties...and the first thing you said was "Grandma...I really miss you a lot". I thought that was so sweet. NO ONE here prompted you to say that. You are such a loving little boy so full of compassion and caring for others. I pray you will keep that forever!

I LOVE YOU MORE than you will ever know!!

Mommy :)

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