Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Noah...a Jib Jab Star Wars

my mom made this JIB JAB STAR WARS movie using Noah as Luke, his cousin Audrey as Princess Leia and a few other cousins and is hilarious and I love it!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear Noah.....a present from Jen!

We have a fantastic friend who lives in Florida who sent us up a BIG package at Christmas. We held off on opening it until just the other day...and wow were you ever excited and happy to see what was inside for you!

Here is a picture of you with some of your were thrilled and I believe you have already read the books! We had no idea there were AVATAR books now you are excited about finding more to read!

I was also given some gifts from Jen....wonderful art journals and pads...books of inspiration. It was such a treat and so nice of her to do this for us both.

Sending a BIG thanks out to you Jenny...we love you and are so thankful to have you in our lives as a friend!

Meanwhile Mr. Noah.....we went to see uncle Sonny's new apartment last night...he has really fixed it up so nice. I made peanut butter fudge and he popped popcorn. Of course you did not eat either of these things. You ate pizza when we got back home. We had a nice visit...his place is just so nice and cozy.

I took the Christmas tree down today. This next week I will spend putting everything back into the garage...sorting a few it up a bit.

SO much to do...but I am thankful you have a day off school tomorrow on my day off! It will be nice.

I love you!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Noah...another trip to Webb's antique mall...

and we happened across this old wringer washer. You were fascinated with it...and I have to was in EXCELLENT shape and condition for such an old washing machine...and it was clean...and I bet it worked.

I then informed you...I was old enough to remember when WE used to wash our clothes when I was a kid with a wringer washer very similar to this one......sort of.....ours was a lot larger and I believe more stainless steel to it...

wow.....that seem like so long ago!

We have had a lot of snow....been super cold outside....and you are still enjoying all your new Wii games and PC games you got for Christmas and your birthday.

I love you Mr. Noah!


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Dear Noah....your cousin Wesley....

has been over a few times this winter break to play with you. He is the same age as you minus only a few months. He will turn 12 in March. You both hit it off really well....and had a great time playing together with your new Wii games and PC games. He had so much fun (as did you) he never wanted to go home! I am so happy you have found someone you really enjoy playing with.....another boy your age...and his grandpa has recently moved into an apartment here in now when he comes to see his grandpa...he will likely come over to spend time with you as well. I rememeber what it is like to have a special cousin/friend and grow up with them...and do things with them and have fun with them. I wish you the same happiness and joy.

I love you have done so very well this winter break....this past almost cried last night in the car going through the drive through with Wesley and his grandpa and me....because we had ordered you something slightly different from what you normally get...which is the 6 piece chicken tender kids meal with a Sprite. Wesley wanted 10 pcs...and the regular meal...but they only sell an 8 pc. SO we figured that was a better buy for you both since it was actually cheaper than the kids meal....and you got more. BUT you got very upset...though did not show said you could not eat 8 pcs of chicken and you put your hands over your eyes and you almost started to cry....and you turned your head to the window to look out it. I am sure you did not want to cry in front of Wesley. THEN I realized you had probably wanted the TOY that came with the kids I asked you and you said yes in between suppressed I said I could still BUY you that...and you could give 2 of your nuggets to Wesley so he would end up with with 6...still get the toy but have MORE french fries and larger drink! THIS made you instantly happy and you were able to get past that distressful moment in time.

I am proud of you and how you are learning to deal with disappointments and handling your emotions better. In the past...not all that long ago..this same situation would have likely ended in a major meltdown moment for you.

Anyway...I am happy for you...and only wish you the very best life has to offer you...this year and ever year forever.