Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Noah.....

I was in your room today and happened to look down and saw these.....

then looked over and saw these.......

I had been hearing this funny sound you had been making for hours on end. I went in your room to find out what you were doing to make that sound and why. You told me you made that sound over and over cause you liked how it sounded and it excited you. I clocked made the sound on average like 37 times in 5 minutes during a video. You like to make the sound when playing PC games or watching videos. So this means on average per hour you make the sound about 444 times. You said if you make the sound too many times it makes your head hurt. I actually thought it sounded sorta cute...but could see where it would probably make your head hurt after awhile. I guess it is like a vocal tic....because you don't really have any control over is just something you have to do...over and over. is a clip of the sound and us talking about it.

I love you too the moon and back again Noah...forever and ever and ever I will!!


Monday, February 08, 2010

we have gotten a lot of snow......with more on the way tomorrow!

I love winter...I love snow....we have been getting a lot lately and more will be following soon! We were on a level 3 snow emergency until yesterday so even if we wanted to go anywhere we would not have been able to. Today we are down to a level 1...just in time to stock up on a few more supplies and run a few errands. Here is some pics of the snow we have now......after shoveling out.