Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Award time again!

Drama Mama from Like A Shark voted Noah's blog for the "Nice Matters Award"......be sure to check her out at the link! THANKS again Drama Mama.

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This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and
those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a
positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please
pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.

SO I now have to PASS the torch so to speak to 7 others who I feel fit the above description. SO my nominees are:

Drama Mama (at above link......yeah I know I cannot vote for her again probably but I am anyway......she is a faithful reader and wonderful at leaving encouraging comments.......as are the moms listed below.........and the blogs all do fit the criteria above......so check them out.

Kristi in Texas at: Living Life In Texas

Kyra, mom to Fluffy at: This Mom

Tina, K.C.'s mom at: Autism Schmatism

Lora at: My Beautiful Child Griffin And Autism

Estee at: The Joy Of Autism

and finally:

Sam I Am

and Wendy at: Party of Six

and a bonus one:

Whitterer On Autism


Anonymous said...

Ooo - I am a bonus? I wonder why a bonus sounds so much better? Lucky me! Thank you so much. Now I'll have to see if I can do the linky doo dah business without step by step instructions and pictures!
BEst wishes

KC's Blog said...

Thank you Melinda! Thank you for thinking of us :)
Hugs to you and Noah, Tina and K.C.

Drama Mama said...

Oh. Melinda.

Thank you.

We have a nice community, don't we?

Melinda said...

BONUS IS always good yes!

MORE than welcome Tina!

YES Drama Mama......we have a great community building here! I am really thankful for it too! ;)

kristi said...

Thanks so much...I needed to read this today. :)

mysamiam said...

Wow, I am way late getting back here, as I have been away from the computer this last month. Thanks Melinda, you are so kind. My first award as a blogger. What an honor!!! :) Peace to you!

Melinda said...

Most welcome....I should have gone around to everyone's blog I picked and left a little message.

Take care! ;)