Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Dear Noah....Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

 Well we both got to have an amazing lifetime experience watching the complete total solar eclipse in Greenville, Ohio. It was a perfect day and the skies were clear. The weather was gorgeous! It was an unbelievable time had by all. Just when I was starting to think maybe we would not get that dark after all, it got SUPER DARK on the ground and all the street lights came on....anywhere lights would normally come on at night they were popping on. The sky was still not black, but the stars became visible...and the ground surfaces DID get extremely dark. It was just something we will never forget. Here are a few photos we both took. You also took a fantastic video, but I cannot get it downloaded. I will attach my clip that I took. I love you so much and am so happy we got to see this together!

I love you,


Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Jungle Jim's

 Dear Noah:

We finally took another trip to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati...it was the older smaller one..the first one I guess they had come out with. We really enjoyed the drive down as the Fall colors on the trees were so pretty....and we ate lunch at CiCi's Pizza...since you had gift cards. This CiCi's was really nice and had fantastic pizza! Here are a few pics. I am behind on posting most everything lately so I am trying to get caught up a bit now while I have time. It is raining and I cannot get things at the locker to bring over to put Christmas things in..so the Christmas decorations are staying up for now.....until the weather breaks and I can make a run over across the street to the storage lockers to get the tubs and boxes. I am not really in the mood to take down all the things yet anyway. 

I love you Noah so much. I always have such a good time whenever we go places and do things together. You are my chauffeur also, so I can see more things now since I am not the one driving!

Love you to the moon and back again forever and ever and ever, to infinity and beyond!



2023 Trip to Harter Park in Union City, Indiana to see the Christmas lights....

Dear Noah:

We decided to go see the Christmas Lights at Harter Park in Union City, Indiana.  We stopped and had Pizza at Pizza King first....and then Noah caught a train coming through town....the drive through Harter Park and laser light show was fantastic. They now have over 5 MILLION lights on display through the park and it is FREE...they do accept donations.  We had a great time. Your birthday is coming up on December 29th. I cannot believe you will be 25 years old! I love you Noah!!