Monday, March 13, 2017

Dear Noah.......practicing for the manueverability test.......UPDATE - driving test canceled due to ICE

UPDATE: was sleeting and giving us an icy covering the morning you were to take your test so I canceled it and rescheduled it. I know you were disappointed and I felt bad but figure it is better safe than sorry. I hope and pray every day you will do well come test day and pass that maneuverability test.

I cannot believe the last time I posted was clear back in January! What a difference home schooling and now you doing college online makes compared to all the issues when you were younger or in the public school setting. Of course getting older and learning how to adjust to difficult situations in your life have all been very helpful and you are doing very well in college now by yourself! I rarely  have to check in with you and you are getting A's and B's! I have no doubt you will become successful at whatever you decided to pursue in your lifetime.

I am very proud of you.

This week you take your driving test to get your permanent driver's I rigged up some cones so you could practice for the maneuverability test....back in my day it was parallel parking. I forgot to take pics last night of you working your way through the cones but maybe I can next time. You are doing very well though and I think you will be just fine come testing day. Just keep your head on your shoulders, pay attention and remain calm and move slowly during the parking portion of the test.

I love you so much Noah. You are the biggest portion of my life and have been for so many years. I am sort of glad this transition to your independence is moving at a pace I can adjust I can prepare myself for when you will be fully out on your own one day, because that will be a BIGGER adjustment I think for me than you.

TO the MOON and back again Noah Wesley....forever and ever and every.....I will always love you to infinity and beyond.


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