Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear Noah.........getting settled in after the move.......

So we finally got moved into our new apartment. You are slowly getting your room put together the way you want it. I gave you  my bed and mattress and you even wanted my satin will be the satin sheets lol.......the top pic is before you put some of your plushies back in your room. I asked if you still wanted to put them in your room and you said the 2nd pic is after some of their arrival! Your shelves are going into your closet. Once we bring over the things from our storage locker your home design books and some other things will go inside the closet on those shelves. We got a hanging cubby for your socks and some items of want to hang most of your T-shirts you it is all working out little by litte.

I still feel like we are living in a hotel of sorts. It has taken me the last few weeks to recover from the I have not yet gone to our locker to bring over more items to put away and I have not really hung anything yet on our walls. All that will come in time.

Looking forward to this next chapter of our lives....and getting you ready to graduate and go to college...which I still partly refuse to accept or process haha.

Love you my little (young) man!